The primary purpose of the student assessment program is to indicate student academic achievement and provide learning gains data to students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and school district staff.  As we continue with this school year, we are notifying you of the availability of participating in an on-campus administration of the Winter Diagnostic Assessment.  This data is to be used by the district to improve instruction; by students, parents, and teachers to guide learning objectives.  The Diagnostic assessment will mirror the State of Florida Spring Standardized Assessment (FSA) protocols and practices, provide academic exposure, and opportunities similar to State requirements.   Participation in this assessment will identify educational strengths, needs, and the readiness of students to be promoted to the next grade level, and in addition, provide a familiar atmosphere with hopes of creating a comfort level conducive to student success and reduce test anxiety for students when experiencing something new. 

Participation in the state assessment program (FSA) is mandatory for all school districts and all students attending public schools, including adult students seeking a standard high school diploma under Section 1008.22, F.S., and students in the Department of Juvenile Justice education programs, except as otherwise provided by law.  Any student who does not achieve a Level 3 or above on the statewide standardized English Language Arts assessment, the statewide standardized Mathematics assessment, or the Algebra1 EOC assessment will be evaluated to determine the nature of the student's difficulty, the areas of academic need, and the strategies for providing academic support to improve the student's performance.

The Winter Diagnostic Assessment window is scheduled to be administered January 11th - January 28th at L.C. Swain Middle School. Please note: the State of Florida does not have a remote option for the administration of its Standardized assessments, which is why we are reaching out to inform you of this in-person opportunity at the schools in Palm Beach County. Your child will have an opportunity to participate in a practice test to become familiar with the paper-based and online testing sessions, item types, and response formats he or she will see on the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA). This opportunity will also help your child to prepare and practice in a setting and format that mirrors the way they will be assessed in the Spring on the Statewide Assessments.  The results of the Winter Diagnostic Assessments will provide valuable information about a child’s readiness for success or deficiency within a given content area. The results will help teachers develop lesson plans to meet each child’s individual needs, and offer useful information to parents and students on the overall achievement of standards and benchmarks to improve instruction.  

Action Requested:   

Parents must access and complete the survey by clicking on the LINKS BELOW Wednesday, December 23, 2020 to acknowledge whether your child will or will not report to campus to take the Winter Diagnostic Assessment using this link:

ENGLISH: https://forms.gle/VwBWk5pPgprVU2FE9Schools
CREOLE: https://forms.gle/K4aHSvUGvPUGbDHs9